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Bishoujo figures: how far is too far?

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello one and all! Sorry its been so long since I’ve made my last post on the website, life has been hectic since I had recently graduated from high-school, went on Leavers and what-not. But hopefully I will have a lot more extra time to do some discussion topics and reviews both on Kiddtic’s site and yours truly. This time I wanted to talk about Bishoujo figures and their stance in the Australian community when it comes to censorship, as I have an interest in figures and Australia’s controversial censorship system. If you have any opinions or questions, be sure to comment below!

We all know that anime and merchandise go hand in hand, especially figures of all shapes and sizes that can suit different tastes. Eventually you may come across figures of the “bishoujo” variety in online figure stores such as Ami-Ami and the dealers room in conventions across the world. Some figures appeal to its target audience by its quality craftsmanship and adorable character designs, however some tend to follow a more blunt approach to marketing, such as gravity-defying breasts and scantily-clad versions of our favourite characters. Figures are something that you can display and be proud of, not hide in your closet every time a guest comes over (unless they hold the same enthusiasm as you do for ecchi figures). Its not like I have anything against bishoujo figures, but should it be the main attraction of a figure? Lets face it, for most of us its hard to keep a straight face when you buy a “Beach Queens” version of your favourite K-ON character in a convention, especially attempting to maintain eye contact with the cashier (though this problem is averted with online stores).

When I buy a figure this is the process I normally take:

1. Is this something I would like? (Favourite anime or pop culture icon)
2. Is it cute? (Always important for me)
3. How much? (Can I get a better deal somewhere else?)
4. What company is it from? (I tend to favour Good Smile Company)
5. Can I display it?

Can I display it.

This is a big factor for me, what is the point of buying a figure if you’re to embarrassed to display it in the first place? Personally it feels like having a dirty magazine on my coffee table when I have a female guest over at my house, I would be ashamed with myself but that is my own personal feelings. Some collectors wouldn’t have a problem with this, but I feel like it would be injustice to the figure (and my wallet) not to display it. I like to treat figures like a work of art, I want my friends to come over and admire its craftsmanship or have a bit of a laugh at the hilarious and cute poses of the nendoroids, not receive a glance of disapproval.

One of the iconic figures of BOME

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any bishoujo figures of the “BOME” variety at conventions or stores within Australia or at least Perth anyway (BOME is a sculptor that specialises in ecchi bishoujo figures). Of course I tend to see them in online stores like Play-Asia and Ami-Ami but these are foreign distributors. At most I’ve seen several Beach Queens figures in conventions, but that is pretty much it. For those especially in tune with video games, Australia has the some of the toughest censorship laws. I wonder if figures also get the same treatment as video games, restricting it to “protect” children and morality, I wouldn’t be surprised. The same with the sale of eroge, if they refused to classify Mortal Kombat then its a definite no for eroge like Bible Black, considering Australia has no R18 system in place at the moment. In the meantime if you want to order am ecchi figure, then your best bet is online.

What do you think of Bishoujo figures? Be sure to comment below!

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