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Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards Top 12 Picks 2011

December 16, 2011 2 comments

2011 has definitley been a prolific year for anime – both awesome and lousy. Before even writing my top picks on the blog I already have several favourites cycling in my head. Before you start raging at the list, think about this: this is my own personal picks for the ACAA awards on and I’m not necessarly labelling them the best anime of all time, just what I feel that had an impact on me during this year. Now without further ado: here are my top picks starting from the bottom to the number one! Note that I put images of my top three – I wanted to emphasise their importance to me!

12. The World God Only Knows
This show took dating-sims on whole new level! Keima employs his vast knowledge of dating-sims to capture the escaped souls plagueing the hearts of numerous heroines of vastly different personalties, and his life literally depends on it! It’s quite easy to pick a favourite girl (I may get some rage for this but I have to say shiori the shy librarian is my favourite of the first season!)

But what stops this from reaching higher on the list is that although there are huge strides in character development for the heroines, Keima himself doesnt really make any progress himself and pretty much remains the same throughout the series: naive and painfully snide.

11. Mayo Chiki!
I think Subaru is one of the cutest reverse-trap characters in anime (I hope that didn’t come off wrong). While Mayo Chiki doesn’t really break new ground, it was a very entertaining show filled with likeable characters. And I really feel out for Kojiro, considering that he is constantly tormented and used as a human punching bag. And there is a girl wearing neko-mimi and glasses! What more can you want?

10. Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko
Denpa Onna is an amazingly beautiful show, and I could expect nothing less from Shaft. While Denpa Onna doesn’t really have a coherant plot line, it outlines trying to live a normal teenage life. But this proves difficult for Makoto as he has to look out his cousin for Erio Towa, as she believes she is an alien after mysteriously disappearing for six months. Very similiar character designs to the more recent show Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, so very moe indeed!

9. Astarotte no Omocha!
Not many gave this show a chance due to the premise set by the HYPERBOLIC show description: “…Astarotte Ygvar, the first princess for the kingdom of Ygvar, has just reached the age of 10. For the upcoming years of a young succubus’ life, it is necessary for them to have a male harem. In order to maintain their body and preserve a beautiful appearance, they must consume a substance only found in males…” and you can figure out the rest. Despite this supposedly “dangerous” premise, it was a very sweet and sincere show and nothing in the show description actually happened. I suggest that you give this show a chance and watch it without precedent.

8. The Idolm@ster
Since the Idolm@ster had been announced at first to air for 12-13 episodes, I was a bit concerned whether this would be rushed and the individual idols won’t get enough screen time respectively. But as I watched each episode I was pleasantly surprised! Each idol got an equal amount of air-time, without absolutely overwhelming the rest of the cast (especially the quiet achievers). What made me even more ecstatic is that they decided to prolong the series into a full season! Now each idol can get more screen-time without time constraints, and I do love my moe idols!

7. Kimi Ni Todoke
This show frustrated the HELL out of me, but I’m glad to say that it was good kind of frustration! This romantic comedy kept me hooked on right to the end, and I would ask myself: “is it going to work out in the end?” but the answer was of course painstakingly obvious. But sometimes I would get irrationally angry when Sawako would talk herself down and retreat to square one for the smallest things, but all the good points of this anime definitely makes up for this slight shortfall.

6. Nichijou
Probably the most unpredictable comedy to emerge for quite some! I would have to take a long break after each episode to gather my senses, as I’m left thinking “what the hell was that?!” and re-watch it on YouTube to make sense of it. My favourite character would have to be Yuko, the things that happen to her! Besides from her awful jokes and poor word-play, to summarise her daily life: anything that can go wrong will go wrong! Despite all these crazy events, they treat it as if life was normal which painfully ironic (hence the title Nichijou a.k.a My Ordinary Life).

Nichijou would have been in my top three, however! As the series progressed, it started to stretch out the gags and ended up feeling a little tired and repetitive. In the first half of the season it was “set-up and punch-line” and each episode was jam-packed with gags. In the second part of the season, the gags lasted a lot longer and it felt like the show had lost some of its energy in regards to humour. At times I would want the skit to hurry up and finish and move on to the next segment (ehhhhh?!), as I was getting bored very quickly and made me feel unsatisfied when the credits rolled. They also added some new segments to the anime such as “like love”. I understand that it was to add variety to the show, however it felt so incompatible with the nature of the show – hilarious and random. If this anime aired for the first half of the season, it would have been in the top three at least. But because of the sudden change of pace and drop in intensity in the second half, I felt reluctant to place it higher.

5. Steins;Gate
Riddled with incredible plot twists and conspiracies, this anime achieved many feats. It was moe with Mayuri (tutturu!) and presented exciting and mind-blowing plot twists. This show is definitely out of my normal comfort zone, filled to the brim with science-fiction references (Back to the Future, anyone?). Although I felt a bit lost with all the explanations, terms and changes in plot, I still thoroughly enjoyed the series. I highly recommend this to any science-fiction/time travel fans that are not exactly into the anime fan base, nya?

4. Squid Girl
You probably were expecting Squid Girl to make my list without question, though it may be surprising to you that it didn’t make my top three. While Squid Girl is a fantastical show of love and joy, I felt that it wasn’t deep enough to merit a place in the top three. Its hilarious and cute, but compared to my top three I felt that it was lacking something. Plus I would feel awfully biased if I placed Squid girl higher without proper justification, is it perfect? No, but than again no show truly perfect. Nevertheless I still love Squid Girl de-geso!

3. Working’!!
Working is related to Nichijou in that it uses wild and wacky humour in a slice-of-life format, but the similarity stops there! Working is a crazy show, but it’s more subtle which I thought was a very nice touch. I always look forward to every episode on Crunchy-Roll to the point where I’m shamefully replaying episodes in anticipation. I find it impossible to hate the cast, they are so different yet they seem to naturally fit together. Even though Working doesn’t really have a plot, I love everything about this show and not many series gets me this fired up!

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magika
A typical moe-moe Mahou Shoujo anime? Boy did I fall for that trap. This anime is a sight to behold with twisted art and dark undertones, and one deceptively evil and somewhat cuddly creature! Madoka Magika exceeded my imagination with twisted renditions of reality that seemed to blend naturally with the characters, its scary what Shaft is capable of… Puella Magi Madoka Magika reflects on equivalent exchange: the idea that you cannot gain something without sacrifice of the same level, and this anime stretched this concept to the limit!

1. Usagi Drop
I know that in the podcast I said I was unsure whether to put this as my anime of the year, but after weighing them up against all my other choices I decided this must be my number one. I learnt so many things from Usagi Drop such as responsibility and the sacrifices required to raise a child, especially when you’re single and working full-time! There are a lot of media outlets that focus on the difficulty of being a mother, which is very understandable. But has anyone really focused on what the dad is going through? Girls are prepared for motherhood at a considerably younger age, with all those baby toys and play-sets. But there was really nothing for the younger male demographic except action figures and toy guns and before you know it, you’re in your teenage years (and we end up as alien creatures obsessed with guns and video games without really giving responsibility much thought). Sure there are family planning centres, but as a guy I would rather have a visual example. I’m glad to see that there are a lot of young adults taking interest in Usagi Drop, its a light-hearted and sincere show filled with beautiful art and opening/ending songs. There is so much to love about this anime, and I’m glad that they put so much effort into this show! Perhaps it warrants a second season?

Licensor of the year:
My favourite licensor for this year would have to be NIS America, which may come off as unusual. Although they aren’t as large as the more dominant companies such as FUNimation and Sentai Filmworks, they put in a lot of effort into their releases and take care of their customers (Bandai should follow their example). They are also known to make magnificent box art displayed on such works as Tora Dora and Katanagatari box sets, and its a piece of art that you can display with pride! More companies should follow NIS America’s example and put more effort into their licenses and make it worth its price-tag. And please Bandai, enough individual volumes! I have to painfully turn down the K-ON volumes until the full collection… and they also have Working’!! and Kimi ni todoke. ’nuff said.


The Kidd and the Squid Anime Podcast Episode 1 Part 1+2

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Last Sunday we recorded part one (and very much later that evening, part two!) of the first episode of the Kidd and the Squid anime podcast! Naturally being the first podcast, I was nervous as all hell so forgive me on the overall quality. In this episode we discussed our 2011 experience from anime conventions to natural disasters and several highlights.

We also discussed why we started blogging anime and the upcoming Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards hosted on my esteemed co-author’s site and discussed what made the list and what didn’t.

Why did we split the podcast into two parts? Well it was unintentional as Kidd was suffering from an unexpected black-out over yonder in South Australia! It was on the basis of bad luck rather than an editing choice.

You can listen to this podcast directly on kidd’s blog on or directly download on the same site. We may be thinking about uploading it to the iTunes store for your listening convenience so be sure to keep on the look out for that!

Bishoujo figures: how far is too far?

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello one and all! Sorry its been so long since I’ve made my last post on the website, life has been hectic since I had recently graduated from high-school, went on Leavers and what-not. But hopefully I will have a lot more extra time to do some discussion topics and reviews both on Kiddtic’s site and yours truly. This time I wanted to talk about Bishoujo figures and their stance in the Australian community when it comes to censorship, as I have an interest in figures and Australia’s controversial censorship system. If you have any opinions or questions, be sure to comment below!

We all know that anime and merchandise go hand in hand, especially figures of all shapes and sizes that can suit different tastes. Eventually you may come across figures of the “bishoujo” variety in online figure stores such as Ami-Ami and the dealers room in conventions across the world. Some figures appeal to its target audience by its quality craftsmanship and adorable character designs, however some tend to follow a more blunt approach to marketing, such as gravity-defying breasts and scantily-clad versions of our favourite characters. Figures are something that you can display and be proud of, not hide in your closet every time a guest comes over (unless they hold the same enthusiasm as you do for ecchi figures). Its not like I have anything against bishoujo figures, but should it be the main attraction of a figure? Lets face it, for most of us its hard to keep a straight face when you buy a “Beach Queens” version of your favourite K-ON character in a convention, especially attempting to maintain eye contact with the cashier (though this problem is averted with online stores).

When I buy a figure this is the process I normally take:

1. Is this something I would like? (Favourite anime or pop culture icon)
2. Is it cute? (Always important for me)
3. How much? (Can I get a better deal somewhere else?)
4. What company is it from? (I tend to favour Good Smile Company)
5. Can I display it?

Can I display it.

This is a big factor for me, what is the point of buying a figure if you’re to embarrassed to display it in the first place? Personally it feels like having a dirty magazine on my coffee table when I have a female guest over at my house, I would be ashamed with myself but that is my own personal feelings. Some collectors wouldn’t have a problem with this, but I feel like it would be injustice to the figure (and my wallet) not to display it. I like to treat figures like a work of art, I want my friends to come over and admire its craftsmanship or have a bit of a laugh at the hilarious and cute poses of the nendoroids, not receive a glance of disapproval.

One of the iconic figures of BOME

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any bishoujo figures of the “BOME” variety at conventions or stores within Australia or at least Perth anyway (BOME is a sculptor that specialises in ecchi bishoujo figures). Of course I tend to see them in online stores like Play-Asia and Ami-Ami but these are foreign distributors. At most I’ve seen several Beach Queens figures in conventions, but that is pretty much it. For those especially in tune with video games, Australia has the some of the toughest censorship laws. I wonder if figures also get the same treatment as video games, restricting it to “protect” children and morality, I wouldn’t be surprised. The same with the sale of eroge, if they refused to classify Mortal Kombat then its a definite no for eroge like Bible Black, considering Australia has no R18 system in place at the moment. In the meantime if you want to order am ecchi figure, then your best bet is online.

What do you think of Bishoujo figures? Be sure to comment below!

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100 Reasons to Love Squid Girl! (Here is 5 Narrowed Down)

October 8, 2011 Leave a comment

It may have already been obvious to you but I… Love… Squid Girl! But what part of Squid Girl do I love? What exactly got me hooked to the series? There are dozens of reasons why I love the show but instead of delving into every minuscule detail of this beloved series, I narrowed it down to the five main reasons why Squid girl is in fact, awesome.

1. The concept of Squid Girl Herself: It seemed like a bland concept at first: anthropomorphic female squid comes out of the ocean to take revenge on humans for the pollution caused by humans, then gets her ass handed to her by a deceptive she-devil and starts to make friends and learn something everyday. Happy times. But Squid Girl is more than that, the way she handles everyday rituals turns out to be either cute or hilarious (mostly both at the same time) and somehow turns it into some plot to overthrow the human race (which often fails miserably). What surprises me the most is how rapidly most of the other characters get used to her existence, I mean she is a Squid Girl! You would think that she would open a can of worms in the scientific community at LEAST, instead she works in a cafe to pay off her stupidity and treat her as if she is nothing special. Sometimes I bang my head against the wall and wonder how naive some of these characters are, but why fight it?

2. The Relaxed Nature of The Show: It wouldn’t take a huge amount of thinking to realise that this is a slice-of-life comedy anime (although the ending of the first season suggested that there WAS a plot). When I felt a bit depressed or moody I would go to Crunchyroll and watch it, and soon afterward I felt cheerful and calm (Like I would with Nichijou). You don’t really need a reason to watch it, it seems like generic mindless humour but does it need a coherent plot or super-awesome giant mechanical robot fights? No, its just cute and adorable and most importantly, entertaining.

No need to over-think things!

3. The Moe-Moe Factor: Lets face the facts – Squid Girl is Moe, there is no escaping it. We have Squid Girl figures, posters, hug pillows – heck there are even Squid Girl snacks and meals! Obviously Squid Girl is doing something right here. Squid Girl herself has this pull factor – not necessarily sexual in nature (please no “I’ve seen enough hentai” jokes) – but rather her charms and humour that draws in so many fans. There may have been times that her adorableness has made you clutch your chest and say “HNNNNNNNG” but that is what I like about the series, Moe without much of a perverted nature (although I say “without much” because I would be lying if I said that there were no perverted elements).

Damn Rule 34

4. There is Something for Everyone: I believe that I can safely say that Squid Girl is a family friendly show (sure there are occasionally close-ups of bikini clad women, but what show doesn’t have that nowadays – pardon the mass generalisation – besides this can be forgiven because they’re on the beach and it saves us from a horrible beach episode filler). There seems to be something for everyone – whether it be comedy, entertainment or even dare I say, a moral (like friendship?). Either way, there is something that you are bound to like about Squid Girl!

There is even something for... Jaws fans?!

5. Squid Girl Fails… Spectacularly: Sometimes while watching Squid Girl, I forget her initial objective – and that is to enslave humanity and make them pay for harming the ocean. Pretty much every time she makes an attempt to overthrow the establishment she either gets her butt kicked by Chizuru or somehow gets sidetracked – resulting in a complete and utter failure… but that is what makes it so hilarious and charming! If you’re going to fail, fail spectacularly. Her flawed plans and plots to dominate humanity carried well over to season two, such as her struggle with the jellyfish. I would think to myself “Oh Squid Girl, you’re so silly!” and laugh my butt off at her failures, which is crucial to the series comedic success.

We love you for your flaws!

These points do not necessarily reflect the entire series as a whole, all the minor details are just as important in making this an awesome series. I was super excited to hear about season 2 of Squid Girl and I strongly recommend that you give this anime a go. Who knows maybe you will earn a special place in your heart!

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Lack of Content for the Upcoming Months

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello everyone! I felt like I need to explain why there is a lack of content these past few weeks and the upcoming months. Well as some of you may know, besides being an anime blogger, I am also a high school student preparing for my end of year exams! Too be honest, this was probably a bad time to start an anime blog! But besides that, I’ll still be making some posts, but when it hits around October I’ll probably be engaged with the mocks/WACE exams and as a result, I won’t be able to focus on anime and blogging. And guest posting on may also be affected (be sure to visit!) Since 2012 is drawing in close I’m pretty sure I’ll have plenty of spare time to play catch up and do some blogging in the beginning of next year, as well as the end of this year (though I’ll probably be partying up in leavers). I would like to thank you all for your support and a safe and happy remainder of the year!

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Opinion: Awkward Moments at Baltimore Anime Convention WP Article

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment

“The dark side of the new demographics has not gone unnoticed.” This quote pretty much sums up the entire article reflecting the supposed “seedy underbelly” of the Otaku Fandom, suggesting that the Otakon Anime convention is the home front for perversion and pedophilia. This is clearly fear mongering and a ridiculous “public service” announcement to paranoid parents of the 21st century.

This article did look at both sides of the argument, it’s just that the bad points far outweigh the good points (and there weren’t many bad points to begin with). When I read this article, it made me feel like I did something wrong as if I’m part of some perverted cult. Everyone has an opinion, it’s just that this was a heavily misinformed opinion, which an outsider is presenting to the public as “truth”. Contrary to popular belief, anime conventions are simply a place where people with a passion for Japan culture including Anime, video games, etc come together. The article failed to emphasise the many good points, like how it raised over $60 000 dollars for Earthquake/Tsunami relief in Japan and boosting the local economy. It is ridiculous to think that Otakon exists for only old perverts that have nothing else better to do than stare at scantily clad teenage girls.   

It is true that there are girls wearing little clothing, but it has happened well before the establishment of anime conventions, it’s called a beach. These people also known as “cosplayers” go to anime conventions knowing that they will be photographed and stared at for this reason, to display their passion and work that they put into making the costume to the public. Just because someone asks you for their photo, it doesn’t make them a creep. When someone runs up to you shouting “Oh my God, its Madoka!”  it usually means that they are a fan of the character, not necessarily the person itself. I’ll admit, I do some cosplaying myself. I find it fun to take on a different personality and make new friends that hold the same interest, it doesn’t make me a creep plainly intent on getting an overly warm “hug” with a girl.

The writer also happens to mention the Alper case, where a 34-year-old male last month was charged for having sex with a 13-year-old girl he MET at Katsucon, another anime convention. Does that mean that no anime convention is safe for a 13-year-old child? Of course not! According to the media, nowhere is safe nowadays. Kids can’t even walk to school because their parents are too paranoid about the miniscule possibility that their children could possibly be abducted. Wonder why roads are congested during the morning? Look how many of the cars are filled with school kids going to school in the morning, even the school car park. I see a huge amount of cars dropping off students at my High school, and you wonder why obesity is a problem in Australia. At a young age I would walk to school everyday without the fear of being approached by a stranger or enticed into a white van, it’s just that society has become too paranoid and the media feed off this fear. 

“Anime is a broad medium that ranges from the purely innocent to the pornographic. Some of it fetishizes young girls.” Washington Post, are you familiar with Rule 34 of the official rules of the internet? Enough said.

When I started becoming an otaku I had a fear of being stigmatised for having an enthusiasm towards Japan culture, but a wise man said to me that “You shouldn’t worry about what others think about you, just enjoy what you love most!” which has been my guiding light. When I was working on an anime art gallery to raise money for the Red Cross in Japan, I was printing off pieces of artwork from artists from Deviant Art that were kind enough to donate their pieces. Some idiots called me weird and quoted “uh huh you’re into Hentai!” which was clearly not. I just smiled and said to them “you are just a bunch of immature idiots that can’t even distinguish the difference between two kinds of art. I don’t think I’m weird, in fact I think you’re the real weirdos!” and continued my work. What I’m saying is it doesn’t help that society and outsiders don’t understand our passion, making it easier for them to make uninformed opinions and jump to conclusions.


I wonder, why does the article sound like it’s suggesting that a female at an anime convention is such a rare and unusual thing? I went to Wai-con earlier this year and female attendee numbers were quite close to the male numbers. According to this article, it sounds like teenage girls are simply there to dress up in suggestive clothing and be stared at all day. Anime conventions aren’t exclusive to the supposed “geeks that live in their parent’s basement”, I know several girls that visit anime conventions despite not being huge anime fans. Is that such a weird thing? Anime conventions were never exclusively for shady male characters in the first place, it’s simply a place were people can enjoy what they love.

“Everywhere you looked, there were older girls dressed as little girls and little girls dressed as littler girls — and grown men taking photos of all of them. Sometimes, the men asked for hugs, too.” I’m sorry, what? Are you suggesting that there are sixteen year old girls cosplaying the characters from Kodomo No Jikan? At the very least all I saw was a twenty year old girl dressed as Yuri from Angle beats and Orihime from Bleach. To be honest it wasn’t really that revealing or suggestive at all. “At the trade bazaar in the bowels of the Convention Center, one could buy all the too-short schoolgirl outfits one would ever need. Also on offer: hentai, or pornographic comics, some of which leaned Lolita.” Its just COSPLAY. There is nothing sexual about it, and if you think otherwise than you need to get your priorities straight (a trade bazaar? It’s the dealers room genius). When going to Wai-con, there was hardly any adult material as with many other conventions I have been to. Even then you had to ask the clerk and they would bring it out from the back or under the table, and this made up about 5% of the total stores that actually sell this sort of stuff. I read one of the comments on the bottom of the post arguing that “Lolita is not something that is purely sexual, it is there to make you feel beautiful and elegant”. So what if these girls like to dress in Lolita fashion? I’m sure they dress up without any sexual intention, neither would the majority of cosplayers that go to conventions.

The article focuses too much on selection of detail, framing male otaku as a “bunch of geeks that watch too much cartoons”. Rather than emphasising the good points that conventions bring such as Otakon, newspapers such as the Washington post focus on the (very few) bad points which ends up sending the wrong message to the general public. I’m not saying that you should agree with me rather, you should form your own opinion. All I am doing is contributing an opinion from an otaku’s point of view, after all otaku are human and have rights too.

If you would like to visit the original Washington post article, here is the link:

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Guide to Figure Collecting in Australia

July 31, 2011 Leave a comment

I would say that this is the best time to buy figures from overseas, mainly due to the strength of the Australian dollar compared to other currencies. I have recently become a small time figure collector (My collection would be bigger but money is an issue for an unemployed,  busy high school student in his last year) and I have learned the hard way that figure collecting is an expensive hobby. For example, at Supanova 2011 I saw the Race Queen Miku Figure and rushed up and asked the dealer how much it was. Halfway through my sentence I looked up and saw the price-tag, and realised it was more than a hundred dollars. I then went to the nearest corner and cried. 

Now because of the almighty Australian dollar, it has never been a more excellent time to buy figures from online dealers (like J-List and Play-Asia) and not just figures, I bought several T-shirts from J-List for an awesome price a few weeks ago, and I have also been considering placing orders online for pre-order figures.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to go to my local figure dealer and buying them physically. I prefer to have a good look at what I’m buying and get a good fix on the quality and legitimacy of the figure, because in the past though I have been burnt by fake figures. One day while looking at some figures in my local figure dealer I spotted a MikuMiku Kagami Nendoroid figure on the shelf. I checked the price, $25 dollars?! Hell yeah I’m getting it! Impatiently I bought it and took it home to set it up on my shelf, after I opened it I took a closer look at it and something wasn’t right. 

Upon closer analysis of the figure I realised several problems:
-the quality of the painting was dull and messy, not to mention inconsistent.
-the joints were too loose.
-all the attachments could be pulled out too easily.
-Kagami’s hair was all wrong (the area connecting the hair to the head).
-the hands holding the leeks were flimsy.
-the stand holding her up by her legs was one size too large (this pissed me off above all the problems with the figure).

Also the box had hints of inferiority, especially the name of the figure which is spelt as “MikkuMiku Kagami” and the photo poses on the box had a weird contrast compared to the rest of the packaging. After all these flaws in the figure, I concluded that this figure was either a bootleg figure that was either sold to the store as a second-hand product or an inferior production figure (which may explain the low price), I then I face palmed.

Why am I ranting about my stupidity? Because I want you too learn from my mistakes. I can only give some advice that I have learned through my experience collecting figures in Australia, hopefully my advice can give you a good direction if your starting figure collecting within Australia.

Buying from a dealer:
-look for the AAA Anime Distribution sticker or a reputable distributor on the back of the box.
-when buying from a convention, get a dealer to help you and make sure that they have knowledge of their own stock.
-do some research beforehand if you want a particular figure, look online for information and bootleg sighting alerts, a good place to go is At least you will be able to compare products and determine its legitimacy.
-if  the price of the figure is too good to be true, it probably is. This has happened to me too many times, remember: figure collecting is an expensive hobby! You have to be willing to pay the price.
-take your time to look at the figure, analyse the figure and especially keep a close eye on the details of the box.   
-keep the receipt! you’ll never know when you need it.

Buying online:
-buy figures from a specialist sites (such as and There are even customer loyalty points you may obtain from each purchase which can be put to your next order.
-it is discouraged to buy from Ebay because you’re more likely to get ripped off or get an inferior product.
-if you are buying from Ebay, then note the country of origin. Try to avoid places such as Indonesia or China because chances are it will be inferior. Ask the seller for close up photos of the figure and ask where they got it from if it isn’t mentioned.
-stick to sites that have some kind of insurance such as a guaranteed refund of the product, because if something goes wrong than at least you have a contingent.
-and finally do some research and check out the forums for advice and bootleg alerts.

Figure collecting in general is a rough road but if you remain patient and alert than it will be a rewarding hobby. I must say that the quality of the figures are excellent and looks great on your shelf and desk, it truly is worth getting at least one decent figure from your favourite anime. Some people are anime fans before figure collectors and some are the contrary, it doesn’t really matter which one you are to appreciate its artistic beauty. Figure collecting has a worthy place among the otaku fandom and the Australian fandom! 

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