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100 Reasons to Love Squid Girl! (Here is 5 Narrowed Down)

It may have already been obvious to you but I… Love… Squid Girl! But what part of Squid Girl do I love? What exactly got me hooked to the series? There are dozens of reasons why I love the show but instead of delving into every minuscule detail of this beloved series, I narrowed it down to the five main reasons why Squid girl is in fact, awesome.

1. The concept of Squid Girl Herself: It seemed like a bland concept at first: anthropomorphic female squid comes out of the ocean to take revenge on humans for the pollution caused by humans, then gets her ass handed to her by a deceptive she-devil and starts to make friends and learn something everyday. Happy times. But Squid Girl is more than that, the way she handles everyday rituals turns out to be either cute or hilarious (mostly both at the same time) and somehow turns it into some plot to overthrow the human race (which often fails miserably). What surprises me the most is how rapidly most of the other characters get used to her existence, I mean she is a Squid Girl! You would think that she would open a can of worms in the scientific community at LEAST, instead she works in a cafe to pay off her stupidity and treat her as if she is nothing special. Sometimes I bang my head against the wall and wonder how naive some of these characters are, but why fight it?

2. The Relaxed Nature of The Show: It wouldn’t take a huge amount of thinking to realise that this is a slice-of-life comedy anime (although the ending of the first season suggested that there WAS a plot). When I felt a bit depressed or moody I would go to Crunchyroll and watch it, and soon afterward I felt cheerful and calm (Like I would with Nichijou). You don’t really need a reason to watch it, it seems like generic mindless humour but does it need a coherent plot or super-awesome giant mechanical robot fights? No, its just cute and adorable and most importantly, entertaining.

No need to over-think things!

3. The Moe-Moe Factor: Lets face the facts – Squid Girl is Moe, there is no escaping it. We have Squid Girl figures, posters, hug pillows – heck there are even Squid Girl snacks and meals! Obviously Squid Girl is doing something right here. Squid Girl herself has this pull factor – not necessarily sexual in nature (please no “I’ve seen enough hentai” jokes) – but rather her charms and humour that draws in so many fans. There may have been times that her adorableness has made you clutch your chest and say “HNNNNNNNG” but that is what I like about the series, Moe without much of a perverted nature (although I say “without much” because I would be lying if I said that there were no perverted elements).

Damn Rule 34

4. There is Something for Everyone: I believe that I can safely say that Squid Girl is a family friendly show (sure there are occasionally close-ups of bikini clad women, but what show doesn’t have that nowadays – pardon the mass generalisation – besides this can be forgiven because they’re on the beach and it saves us from a horrible beach episode filler). There seems to be something for everyone – whether it be comedy, entertainment or even dare I say, a moral (like friendship?). Either way, there is something that you are bound to like about Squid Girl!

There is even something for... Jaws fans?!

5. Squid Girl Fails… Spectacularly: Sometimes while watching Squid Girl, I forget her initial objective – and that is to enslave humanity and make them pay for harming the ocean. Pretty much every time she makes an attempt to overthrow the establishment she either gets her butt kicked by Chizuru or somehow gets sidetracked – resulting in a complete and utter failure… but that is what makes it so hilarious and charming! If you’re going to fail, fail spectacularly. Her flawed plans and plots to dominate humanity carried well over to season two, such as her struggle with the jellyfish. I would think to myself “Oh Squid Girl, you’re so silly!” and laugh my butt off at her failures, which is crucial to the series comedic success.

We love you for your flaws!

These points do not necessarily reflect the entire series as a whole, all the minor details are just as important in making this an awesome series. I was super excited to hear about season 2 of Squid Girl and I strongly recommend that you give this anime a go. Who knows maybe you will earn a special place in your heart!

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